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Chinese Nut-gall Extract Ellagic acid 90% HPLC

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Chinese Nut-gall Extract Ellagic acid 90% HPLC



What isChinese Nut-gall Extract ?

Product Name
Chinese Nutgall extract
Botanical names
Galla Chinensis
Ellagic acid 90%(HPLC);5:1;10:1;20:1
Active ingredient
Ellagic acid etc
Part of Used
Brown fine Powder
Nutritional supplement,
Reduces the effect of estrogen in breast cancer disease; Helps the liver break down; Reduces the risk of heart disease; Encourages wounds to heal more quickly.

Chinese Nutgall Extract Ellagic acid Reviews:
Pure Natural Chinese Medicinal Herb Nutgall is the nutgall produced mainly by parasitic aphids of Melaphis chinensis (Bell) Baker on the leaf
of Rhus chinensis Mill. ,Rhus potaninii Maxim, or Rhus phunjabensis Stew. var. sinica (Diels) Rehd. et Wils. (Fam. Anacardiaceae).
Ellagic Acid is a naturally-occurring plant chemical (phytochemical) found in raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, pomegranates, pecans,
walnuts, and other plant foods.The acid acts as an antioxidant, which means that it targets disease-causing free radicals throughout the body.
In certain clinical studies, ellagic acid has even been shown to slow the growth of tumors.
Ellagic acid Benefits:
Ellagic acid is purported to have anti-cancer properties. It’s been shown to cause cell death in cancer cells in laboratory settings, although it has limited cancer-fighting
evidence in all human trials performed thus far.
Supporters of ellagic acid believe the compound comes with the following benefits:
— Reduces The Effect Of Estrogen In Promoting The Growth Of Breast Cancer Cells In Tissue Cultures
— Helps The Liver Break Down And Remove Cancer-causing Substances (Carcinogens) From The Blood
— Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease, Birth Defects, And Liver Problems
— Encourages Wounds To Heal More Quickly
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