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Organic Maitake Mushroom Extract Polysaccharide

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Organic  Maitake Mushroom Extract Polysaccharide


 What is Maitake Mushroom Extract Polysaccharide ?

Product Name
Maitake Mushroom Extract Polysaccharide
Botanical names
Polysaccharide 20%~50% HPLC
Active ingredient
Relative product
Maitake(grifola frondosa) Beta D glucan, Maitake(grifola frondosa) powder, Maitake(grifola frondosa) extract capsule
Part of Used
Mycelium/Fruit body
Brown fine Powder
Nutritional supplement,
Anti-tumor; for AIDS, comprehensive treatment of lassitude,leukocytopenia; Improve immunity; Anti-Cancer

Maitake Mushroom Extract Polysaccharide Reviews:

Maitake (grifola frondosa) polysaccharide/ Maitake (grifola frondosa) Extract
Maitake, which could be edible and used as drugs. Maitake is rich in essential amino acids,vitamin and mineral contents. Test results reveal that 100g of the dry product of Grifola frondosa contains 22.75g protein,23.58g amino acids,vitamins C,E,B1,and B2 and organic selenium.

Main function of Maitake (grifola frondosa) polysaccharide

1.Researches revealed Maitake(grifola frondosa) polysaccharide plays its anti-tumor role via enhancing cellular immunity.
2.On the genetic level,it has powerful inhibition of mutation caused by chemicals It can be used in the comprehensive treatment of lassitude,leukocytopenia ,and reduced immunity due to chronic hepatitis and radio-chemotherapy for malignant tumors.
3.It also has certain preventive role for AIDS.Oral intake of Maitake(grifola frondosa) polysaccharide is both safe and effective.


Our product extract from Maitake(grifola frondosa) fruitbody. make to pulverization,use water to extract,concentrate and spray drying all in GMP workshop.GMO-free. The main active ingredient is glucan,mainly in the form of dextran with basic structure of β-(1-6) and β-(1-3)-D- glucan, and small amount of xylose and mannose.

Other Relative product:

Maitake(grifola frondosa) Beta D glucan, Maitake(grifola frondosa) powder, Maitake(grifola frondosa) extract capsule: 60capsule/bottle, Maitake(grifola frondosa) tea bag and so on. We also OEM for customer.

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