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PQQ, Methoxatin disodium salt Cas 122628-50-6

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PQQ, Methoxatin disodium salt Cas 122628-50-6


What is PQQ ?

Product Name

PQQ, Methoxatin disodium salt

Other names

Pyrrolo-quinoline-quinone disodium salt

Cas No.




Mol. Formula


Mol. Weight



Red-brown powder


Nutritional supplement,


Increased Growth Rate, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Fat Oxidation ,Anabolic


PQQ, Methoxatin disodium salt Reviews:

The scientific name of the PQQ pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) pyrroloquinoline quinone is a new prosthetic group, is the second flavin nucleotides (FMN, FAD) and nicotinamide nucleotide (MAD NADP) in the membrane boundfound in the bacterial dehydrogenase third cofactor, the world's medical profession called fourteenth vitamins. The compound was first isolated from bacteria out, and then moving the plants have also been found, its chemical name is 4,5 - dihydro-4 ,5 - dioxide -1 - pyrrolo (2,3 f) The quinone -2,7,9-tricarboxylic acid, also known as methaxatin.


PQQ as a novel water-soluble vitamins, the oxidoreductase is a cofactor, it is very rare, exist in a number of microbial, plant and animal tissues, not only involved in the catalytic-vivo redox reaction, but also has some special biological activity and physiological functions (such as shortening the stench Acetobacter [the Acetobacter rancens] and Beer yeast [Saccharomyces cerevisiae] retardation period, to stimulate early germination of tobacco seeds, prevention and treatment of certain diseases such as biological function). Trace amounts of PQQ will be able to improve the living tissue metabolism and growth performance, extremely valuable.

Main function of PQQ

Much of the research concerning the therapeutic properties of PQQ has been conducted in animals, however and it is not clear yet whether these benefits can be extrapolated to humans. There are however a select number of recent studies in humans, which suggest that some of the benefits seen in animal studies may also transfer to humans.

Increased Growth Rate

Studies in rats and mice show that when added to nutritionally complete, semi-purified diets devoid of PQQ, as little as 300 ug PQQ per kg diet improves reproduction and enhances neonatal rates of growth compared to diets devoid of PQQ1.


The reduced form of PQQ used in supplements has been proven to be a potent antioxidant that is relatively stable and therefore more efficient in its action compared with other endogenous antioxidants1.


In one of the few oral supplementation studies in humans with PQQ, it was shown to dramatically reduce the levels of c-reactive protein (CRP); one of the most reliable indicatorsof inflammation1. Raised inflammation is related to a wide range of chronic diseases and as such, any nutrient or agent that can reduce inflammation is generally beneficial to a range of health outcomes.

Fat Oxidation

Studies in animals and humans show PQQ has the potential to improve a process called beta-oxidation, which is the bodys main pathway for generating energy from fat5, 6. This is also the area where PQQ may possibly improve performance in athletes.


There is also data in human and animal studies showing supplementation with PQQ may improve nitrogen retention in muscle and therefore have anabolic properties with regard to muscle growth1, 7.

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